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Why do you offer free access to the veterinary staff training modules?
We are trying to build up a large enough client base so that we can solicit sponsors from veterinary vending companies. In addition, we will be adding continuing education courses for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to the site on a pay-per-course basis. So yes, we have an alterior motive but everything is on the up and up. And of course, your registration information will not be given out to any third parties.

How do my staff members access your site?
They can sign up for the site individually.

How do I know what the results are for the quizzes my staff members take?
Each course has a Certificate of Achievement which is dependent on the participant achieving a passing score on all quizzes within the course.

What are the hardware/software requirements?
Essentially, any computer that can run Macromedia Flash Player 6 or later, and Windows Media will run our videos. Most computers come preconfigured with the Flash Player anyway so there is nothing to download. If your computer shows the picture on the upper right of the home page of our website that fades in and out from picture to picture (three pictures of veterinary assistants), then you already have a Flash Player. To download the latest Flash Player, click Flash Player.

What if I don't like your videos?
We appreciate any and all feedback that you have. Please email us to express your criticism. We will try to address any and all of your concerns. This is a dynamic site and we are constantly updating our content.

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